When you design your children’s rooms or decorating a living room all you have to do is to think of room dividers, or bookcases which are really special and have their own language or design. But even the best colors and patterns and models are not necessarily what designer Bae Hooker can design or paint for them, sometimes. Take for example this nice dragon curtain which is really interesting in design, but looks totally different on the wall of which you can see a bunch of patterned buttons or embroidered butterflies: it’s like a self-expression in the middle of the fabric.

This decorative piece of fabric is three panels, which are made of triple 72-by-36-inch-high fabric and they reflect most of the light. whatever the pattern, the curtain can hide a lot of baby clothes, as it can hide and show in many places only by looking at it. If you like it, you can buy it for £17.00 and then enjoy it for life (because you can buy it for $70.00 per piece).

Dragon Curtains Living Room 3 Panel Photo 2

Dragon Curtains Living Room 3 Panel Photo 3