The key to decorating a living room is to make it as comfortable as possible and to give it that simple, everyone’s pleasant form. The key to successful designing a living room with this in mind is creating a “living” feeling without making it too exciting. In other words, it’s a living room that creates comfort without making it too matchy-matchy. Here are some tips and ideas that can help you make the most of your living room, whether it’s a formal or casual type or a living room with a modern-industrial vibe.

The main advantage of designing a living room with a living area in mind is that you can always close the TV, create a seating arrangement and opt for a chic sofa. The sofa can be pulled out individually and not being linked to a TV.

Now that you have somewhat an established idea about how you want your living room to look like, you can also plan the lighting. A pendant lamp hanging above the sofa can be a stylish and subtle choice. Or perhaps something less conventional would suit your taste better.

Here’s a lovely example of how a living room with a soft corner sofa and a floor lamp can be cozy and comfortable. The room stays pretty neutral and it doesn’t stand out too much but all the cord and decorations make the whole space look cozy.

In an open floor living room, one of the most cheerful and inviting spaces is in the middle. Choose a colorful rug to complement the living room sofa. You can also display a few themed or accent pieces such as the guitar strings, giant vases, brightly-colored artwork, framed photos and anything that stops them working.

Not all living rooms have the same square or rectangular floor plan. In fact, we prefer smaller spaces because they offer the advantage of more flexibility. Models are a nice fit for this type of layouts. A sitting area can be extendable to create a private space when guests are over or the main living room can be turned into a dining space for two.

Spaces like the balcony or the terrace or deck or the deck and stairs can be ideal spaces for a comfortable designed. This is a great example of how a casual sitting area can look like.

Comfort is of paramount importance. Everything has to be in perfect harmony. For example, if you only use the sofa for eating comfort should it be upholstered in a soft and quiet fabric or leather and skip the other furniture pieces for armchairs, wooden tables or wire arranged in a box or a frame.

Perfect seating for a family with small children it requires to be an extra cozy, comfortable position. So if they want to spend time in a rocking chair, wrap a blanket with some pillows and put one on each side as often as you can. Also, add a few more activities areas like a kitchen island for example so you don’t waste floor space.

Of course, the theme you are trying to create can also be adapted and you can try some fun and quirky stuff as well. For example, you can add a spider web so the ornaments look a bit scary and maybe a bunch of big spiders and skulls to make the whole room look creepy. As for the theme and the way you hang the pictures, the correlation probably is pretty good but you can use this to your advantage.