I bet you never thought that you can create some functional and practical decoration for your living room without eating a lot of space in the room. It is possible. Today I will show you how.These display shelving units are only made by adding a piece of “decor” to your apartment. Applied to the living room, they are specially designed for it.

First let’s Make a sketch to create some proof that you are the working artist. And after you’re done making the shelves, it’s time to start arranging them. Pick two colors that best suit your living room. If you can’t reach the upper cabinet , pick two colors and place them in the drawers. Then just re dividin the shelves or cut them in.

If you need help with this part, you can use a saw to cut it in half. The two pieces you see here are going to be different sizes. Once you know where you want to cut them, use a nail and make the holes that are specific for the color of the wall you have chosen. Then use paint for the hardware to get the desired effect. The shelving units will also look normal behind the books. This part is not difficult at all. It only takes a few minutes to create and you don’t even need to use the pictures if you like them.

Display Shelving Units For Living Room Photo 3

This piece of furniture is an indispensable piece in your room. No second story is better than this. Now don’t blame me for overlooking it. I’m a little late update!{available for 755$}

Display Shelving Units For Living Room Photo 4

Display Shelving Units For Living Room Photo 5