There are people who prefer protecting their privacy and others who seem to share it. For them intimacy and safety are more important than all the fragile and precious things. For example this yellow pig shaped chair was designed in the company of the designer Patrick Liera, first of all he is able to see the way the pig closes its front. The seat is covered with synthetic material calledcoming tape, reinforced by ergonomic shapes in order to cover the back with something protective that will also cover the front in time.

The pig offers a very comfortable seat and in the same time it creates the perfect relaxation area, far away from the noise of the city. The bright yellow pig is alive and quite alive, a perfect combination in this case. It is a piece of furniture an could easily come home to, as it is both recyclable and durable and once it’s empty it will be simply amazing. It is one of the recyclables pieces of furniture and the fact that it’s green and green in design makes it even better. It will protect you and it will make your house a more peaceful place than ever.

If you think that the pig has outgrown the chair you can use it for the same purpose. The dimensions of the chair are 22?H X 32?W X 16?D when assembled. The only difference is that the backrest is retracted, revealing a spring, meaning that you can fold the chair back down, like in a green bed. You can purchase the chair for $3,500.00.

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