People are so much in love with glass because of all kind of them brought by customers from cars. Now you can enjoy of all kinds of glass combinations of all kind of people that can create a relaxing atmosphere inside and watch with pleasure the incredible views of the sea, the mountains or the gardens of different countries around the world.

There’s a known trend of creating an old tradition in the building of glass houses. Nowadays people try to create rustic and vintage decorated interiors. They are using them to create a peaceful ambiance in the same time. They have a vintage style combined with increasing modernity.

The diamond sets have been designed by Tonio Teseuolo who chose a very original and beautiful vintage color palette. The sets come in beautiful shades of yellow or blue. They were crafted using a solid oak set with the material`s natural oiled finish in antiqued aluminum.

The diamond colors have a rectangular shape and that is why they represent very fragile. They look like beautiful sparkling crystals stuck to a hard surface. The set can be bought from Furniturerange for $2,300.