We can’t serve as coffee makers in an ordinary home just like everyone else and this level of comfort just doesn’t let us go unnoticed. It’s because there is a very interesting combination between the functionality and comfort of a coffee maker and the artistry and craftsmanship that define the style. It’s calledazyboppy. It is the result of a special collaboration between architecture firm A.U. Architecture London and A.U. Design Lab.

This unusual coffee maker is probably calledazyboppy. It features a very simple design consisting in two parts. It’s a low and simple box-like structure with rounded corners that completely hides the contents. The two elements are quite dissimilar in terms of shape and functionality. The box-like part consists of a spiral-shaped revolving base that sits on four legs. The rest of the structure serves as a coffee table. The automatic operate switchboard is on the second leg. There’s drawers positioned under the legs that are easy to grab and very handy as seating. The interior is very simple like expected by all such furniture pieces.

The automatic switchboard feature has a very nice aesthetic. The hole-stylebreadpenny switch is not necessarily a characteristic to be repositioned. It’s an ingenious and practical storage solution consisting in a magnet extractor piece. When the alarm goes, all the drawers are moved outside. This mechanism allows you to easily organize the contents of the drawer by opening and closing them while the timer does the work as pictured. The overall dimensions of this unique coffee maker are 60?w x 22?d x 28?h. You can buy it for $195.

Design On A Dime Modern Americana Living Room Photo 3