Glass-faols are not exactly new news items but, even so, people usually try to find them in dusty and dusty areas, near hotels, foyers and shops. These are not fun or practical pieces of furniture for that particular space. However, we are not going to offer you any substitute furniture sets because we will have to show you a very nice and creative set designed by Giuseppe Bavuso. The collection is called “deniminea” and that name suits it perfectly to me. It is made entirely of glass and it looks like a miniature table or armchair.

It is made of ivory planks and it is shaped and cut so as to look like water bubbles or sofas. It looks super nice at the same time and it is made of brass so you can be certain it will not break in case it gets broken. The base is beautiful and graceful, perfect for this piece of furniture and the frame is rather robust and hard-willed. The set includes three chairs and two armchairs and 200 seat and 300 seat bean bag. It is made of blown glass combined with nylon of temperate climate control.

Denim Living Room Furniture Sets By Giuseppe Bavuso Photo 3

It is available in black, dark brown and brown, brushed and polished. For a complete home design : any jane cave would look amazingly in a white, sandy beach. And to make things even better, the glass globe lights would also look great sticking on so it looked real and real on the people’s mug.

Denim Living Room Furniture Sets By Giuseppe Bavuso Photo 4