Living room furniture is very important for every house when it comes to be ready for entertaining ( weddings, movie stages, stationary, etc.) .A redecoration project of a living room should not only be fun, but also liveable. I come to say that the color of the upholstery work really well together and that the wooden frame provides a modern look to the room. What I would like more would to do that in my living. So I decided to purchase some deep seat sofas (which in this case feature a heavy-duty steel frame) that could match my taste quite nicely. I purchased the Rest assured Comfort sofa (which is actually available in many colors, like this red velvet.

The selection of sofa and sofas I saw was amazing. Look at these pictures. How simple and how beautiful it looks? These are the sofa models presented here: the U-56, U-Lilt and U-Bottom. With those chairs you can enjoy some nice conversations, chat or even cook dinner in the comfort of your own home. The picture is taken when I discovered the collection of U-238 open-shelving and door-to-ceiling sound system designed by Michael Schumacher and the choice of decorative elements keeps the design bright and modern. On the walls there are some prints requested by future customers, which are made by Amy Winendorf.

Deep Seat Sofas Living Room Furniture Design By Perianth Design Photo 2

These are the coffee tables designed by themandfly. This is a superb piece of wood furniture that could be used in the same way, if not for coffee tables, armchairs or armchairs. When not in use, the frame can be easily taken apart and recycled, which can used in numerous unconventional ways. When it becomes present, it could be used as art in the house, as a place for relaxation.

Let’s now turn our attention towards furniture that is practical and functional. Some of our favorites that we have at the bottom of this section are the ones that feature wood slice knobs, flat bases that are made by thin fir tree branches, metal knobs that have a brass finish and the collection of conical and hanging treasures that was part of the project featured on rededdingfordilions. They were all arranged using only those items that would make a good home for this piece.

Some of the knobs featured in this article are very popular with those that like to turn furniture into art and want to display it as much as possible. These ones have beautiful rust geometries on them and they complement the chair beautifully. To make something similar you’ll need a saw, a drill, a wood ring, a leather belt, a leather punch tool and scissors. There’s a tutorial for that on onebroadsjourney and to craft those you’ll need the following supplies: a round wooden round for the base, a wood dowel, a glue gun and some paint.

This is a similar project and to start you off you’ll need some 1200 mm tiles, a long screwdriver, small pliers, ruler, chalkboard stickers or markers, a pencil and scissors. First print out the template and trace onto the tiles onto the tiles. Cut out the shapes and then mark where on each side the pieces will go. Then write on each where the lines will be. Apply chalkboard stickers and then create the design. There’s a more detailed description of the project on Onecleavemade.

Another super simple idea to tackle when doing this task is to have 3D vases inserted into the vases through a hole in the plastic bottle. You can use this technique to either treat the vases as functional items or display them on your terrace, deck or other area of the home. It’s not a bad idea to remove the missing vases and using a small power sander. First clean up the bottles. Remove the labels and apply the primer to both the interior of the bottles and the exterior of the vase. Sprinkle some mod podge over the label. Put the vase in and then insert the bottle neck into the bottle.

If you want to use this technique on a more colorful piece of furniture, you’ll need more than one container so you’ll have to cut and apply several containers in similar shapes and sizes. Before you do that you’ll have to make sure you also drill the holes for the skirting boards so you can run the wire through them. This technique also can be used on fences and other similar projects. {found on craftpassion}