If you are constantly removing photos and posters from your home, or if you like to bring them home and update them but you don’t want to spend a fortune on new ones, we have the perfect solution for you. Today we would like to show you some lovely decorative statues. They were created by some very creative people with a modernist approach.

These types of decorative statues can be used in any room of the house. Their main role is rather to protect the walls from all kind of crazy decorations and loud noises. Of course, they need to be placed there, as these can be a real life-saver sometimes. In such cases a modern sculpture becomes a must-have.

Sometimes these statues can be purchased at regular shops and other places but the majority of us prefer to have them in our homes. This collection of modern statues, if available, can be purchased for all your friends and family. You can buy them for $250 (for a couple) or $1,000 at a salon, or you can turn it into a collectible by purchasing all sorts of treasures like small succulents, small planters, or funny photo frames.

Decorative Statues For Living Room Everyday Photo 4