Since the living room is a place where we spend time with friends and where we watch TV a lot, for whatever reason you might have in mind, it might cause you a headache to find a piece to help you do this. There are a lot of great decorative lamps at your disposal and one of them is called Eco. That means you have opportunity of using half a moon instead of sun and it would also be a symbolic decoration for the room.

The piece was created by American designer George Nelson and it’s presented under the official Ornaments line. For the guys from Herman & Hu it comes in two versions: the classic florescent-glass lamp and the colorful Emmerson blinds.

So, if you’re going to replace your desk in the summer when you’re too tired to go out and spend a day out there, you should make sure you come up with something different. And if that’s not enough than they’re not even good enough to convince you to buy a new piece of furniture.

Decorative Lamps For Living Room Photo 3

There are always enough models of lamps for a more minimalist style but not necessarily a matching one. Some models can also help you light up a small room so if you’re currently looking for ideas for your living room, just check out the examples we’ve prepared for you.

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