Living rooms usually share the same layout and a common structure. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t create a unique and original decor. For example, this living room has a very original interior design. It’s modern and original because of the colors chosen for the design. This living room has a very simple interior décor. It’s actually a combination of furniture pieces and only the decorations. The main piece of furniture is the sofa that has a very simple but impressive design.

The sofa is extremely comfortable and cozy and it usually was meant to be the ideal seating option. However, in this case it wasn’t the ideal choice. The custom-made furniture is probably the most interesting part because the owner and his friends that live in the other houses have each created this sofa and he made it their own piece of paradise because of it.

The sofa is actually part of a very large wall unit. It’s a very comfortable and functional piece of furniture, perfect for this room. As for the dimensions, it varies and there are smaller numbers of seats in there. Nevertheless, the sofa is perfect for living rooms. It’s the ultimate minimalist and very clean and simple design. And the colors, as well as the looks make it beautiful but not exaggerated. In fact, it’s very simple and sophisticated. I like that about it. Anyway, my opinion is that the sofa looks like a huge flower. That’s just because your pet would love it.

Decorating L Shaped Living Room Photo 4