If your living room has a wall niche, it is definitely going to help to design it. However, as long as there is plenty of space left on the niche, this shouldn’t be a problem. The wall niche is a perfect place for a fireplace and it can also be used as a night club seat or a place to store children’s toys during the day.

When you have a wall niche, the lighting is very important. It’s a great way of freeing up floor space and adding a romantic touch to the room. If there are no beams to connect the wall niche with the rest of the wall, you can choose to be minimalist and save space by opting for an open shelf.

For example, you could opt for a floating shelf. It’s very functional and creates a uniform and clean look in the living room. Another great thing about it is that the shelves are also adjustable. The frame is made of steel and so are the joints. You can assemble it by yourself if you have the required skills. The design and shape you choose for the shelf should be in conformity with the main principles of passive energy design and distribution. Apart from that, there are numerous other features to this Nordic-inspired design.

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