In a living room, the dining room plays a very important role. It’s where we spend most of our free time, whether here and there. It’s usually the place where we receive guests and spend quality time with the guests. As a result, the living room needs to be cozy and inviting and also to have plenty of storage space. A good combo would be the combination of either the dining room or the kitchen into one space. We have found a very beautiful example which reflects that.

The living room in this case is fairly spacious and also decorated nicely. It’s a very roomy and inviting feel and it also looks bright thanks to the large windows that let in lots of natural light. The pendant light has a really nice vintage look without being too rustic.The beige rugs are a perfect choice in this case. They have a dense texture and they go perfectly with the color palette. The room stays bright and clean and the walls have be painted and covered with beige, patterned wallpaper. The overall image is great, even though the colors are not as vibrant as people usually do.

As you can see, even though the main colors are non-colors, there are still a few shades of blue that give this place a warm and cozy feel. The shades of blue are very faint and the patterns are not so bold but still very subtle. The simplicity of the décor and the simplicity of the details are the perfect combination to create this ideal combination. The beige walls and ceiling, the exposed wooden beams with grey fur flooring, the clear glass table and the chairs all work together to create the impression of a larger space. The atmosphere and the general style are also very subtle and elegant, so perfect for a contemporary interior design.

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