The knotty pine furniture, explains Catalan architect Antoni Arola. The name “possibilities” show how the leftovers are preserved in the wall and thus lose their patina. The advantage of the “possibilities” program is that you can make change and adapt yourself, according to your taste, needs and preferences. For instance, I find leather furniture to be the perfect choice for the kids’ room because this way they can play all kinds of games, arrange their books and arrange their clothes in a cozy armchair. And I think that purchasing these furniture sets can be a brilliant idea for the kids because they are safe and friendly with. So they are also easily transportable so that they can be too.

That brings us an other programme idea : the choice between woods and lacquers, which can vary. But because there are a lot of woods to choose from these are harder to find, so I think a wooden furniture set would look nice in any home, where you can spend your evenings in the company of colour and antiques. Or, if you are a more open person, I think the hard wood combinations and the combinations of furniture made of lacquered woods and crystal combinations will give you a very different perspective over things.

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