Warm, homes with high ceilings tend to be more appealing than homes with tall ceilings with sheets of wallpaper. Depending on the color and material that you use, you might be able to incorporate many decorating ideas that can help you feel more comfy in your home. White is the best color option for the living room because it gives incredible air and thus makes people feel calm. It’s also a very calming color that can be easily used to your advantage.

A white living room is a great option for the home theater. This way you can relax people before you know what to do with your space. Ideally, the room should be spacious but still, the ceiling needs to be as high and as close to the ceiling as possible. This way your guests won’t be able to reach their hands and feet.

If you want to create a minimalist living room, white walls always seem to be the best choice. To create something equally cozy and inviting, you should use warm colors, install yellow walls or white linen for the floors and add small hints of color in the accessories and furniture. Whatever you do, it will always look chic and stylish.

As for the bedrooms, there are numerous options for the furniture and decorations. For example, a white bedroom could easily include white walls, white shelves, white curtains and even white ceiling panels. Another room could also include white walls, white floors and even white walls or continuous curtains. You could also use colorful bedding or artwork.

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