A perfect piece for a contemporary home, this sofa bed is amazing piece, designed by Christopher Megowan from American Standard. So it would be easy to just buy and have a sofa bed as a standard piece. But what if your living room space expands due to the marvelous piece that offers as a nightstand, sofa, or bed. It looks just like a standard two-tiered sofa that would not allow you to add a third piece since the bottom of its share of space is filled with shelves and drawers. It is indeed a piece of furniture that would definitely redefine your room. It is made with solid hardwoods and has a Danish hand which handle extremely durability and quality for their safety. The piece comes with a tipover restraint arms for an antique look and a slipcoversocked cotton cover for extra protection against the weather.

It has a deep drawers and two spacious pockets for all your personal items. The two-tiered design allows you to store everything away very well. The seating space can be adjusted with ease and every member of the family can have access to it. The wall-mounted nightstand is simple and compact with very little effort. Its characteristic wavy finish looks great when combined with other metallic colors like blue, grey or the navy.

The versatility of the piece allows it to come in a variety of designs. You can easily individualize it to fit your own space and any décor. Just remember to add some furniture and accessories to it, if you feel the need for a change or make some corners for some rest and relaxation.