Hotel David is a prime location for people seeking to spend memorable moments in international and nearby grannas. This time around the hotel is particularly appropriate because the location is actually Vilamizi’s own personal boutique hotel. In 2010 it opened its doors to an impressive and very welcoming hotel with 2 wings, one for guests and those serving the local business community. The hotel is located on the edge of the village “Zilberte i Dronero”, on the banks of the seas of Porto. The focus of the hotel is on the exclusive use of local and natural materials so the interior design is simple and yet very inviting and luxurious.

Hotel David offers the highest level of comfort and the services offered by an Italian luxury hotel. The hotel offers three restaurants with a unique character. The first Restaurant Bar is very simple, with marble floors and walls covered with wood sculptures. Then there are also coffee shops and terraces. They are all very cozy and, in addition, they offer wonderful sea views and serene private pools. The hotel’s guests can also enjoy a delicious meal at the outdoor table or in one of the restaurant bars.