A dark floor can’t possibly be complemented with the same type of furniture and details all over the place. It’s why the interior of the laminate kitchen is important. The flooring needs to be dark and to also maintain an airy décor. Usually, the solution is to paint the laminate floor. This way you clean up that area somehow and the result will also be more practical and functional. Here’s an example of how you can do that.

The laminate kitchen floor has been painted black. This, together with the fact that it lacks side and shelf storage units, is why it was always advised to give it such prioritized consideration. Because the storage spaces that are present in the kitchen are small and so narrow, the cabinets must be small as well, especially when we are talking about a compact and compact kitchen. The countertop is small and there’s not enough room for all the utensils you might normally need or find. But in this case the cabinets got extra dimensions, too, so they fit nicely in there.

The space remaining can be used as a table. An ugly coffee table would be avoided if possible. The chairs can also be used in this case. In any case, they should be tucked nicely in the corner of the unit. This means that there’s little space left to waste, not to mention that there’s very little space to waste by simply placing them there. This way you avoid cratereating this space and you also save enough space. You can decorate your unit privately and maybe add some extra features here and there, etc.This unit is part of a bigger and more exclusive kitchen unit, also designed by Alain Gilles. It’s a creation of him. Since he had to work with a series of pieces that had to be prefabricated and transported on site, he was ingenious enough to try to use this space as a small adaptation project.

Dark Laminate Flooring Living Room Photo 3

He used laminate flooring, non-toxic and recyclable, which helped him recreate a Parisian look without wasting space or favouringrenewing resources. The unit is just enough to offer a small kitchen with a series of built-in storage and hidden units. Gilles wanted something to make this unit more impressive so he also added some interesting elements to make this really special.