Living room are a lot more difficult to arrange than the other rooms, that is mostly because their owners cannot afford doing that due to lack of possibility in both the apartments where the bedroom walls are not wallpapered. However, this problem can be easily solved if you have the inspiration and know how to use it.

One of the most common tricks is to use dark green in living room. This color is actually perfect in combination with light wood pieces, as the dark color is usually the source of comfort for those who are used with family. The general idea is to use lighter shades in order to highlight their wooden pieces. However, this usually means a combination of black and white that creates a contrast but does not reduce the beauty of the item.

In this case we have a living room where the equilibrium between elegant and sober is reached. The furniture pieces seem to be the same grey sofa that has been sitting on it for a long time now. The dark walls have made it the perfect background for a very beautiful and colourful sofa. This model of furniture is called Read by Crosson Clarke Carnachan. It is named Read by Reis.

Dark Green Sofa Living Room Design Photo 3

The dark grey sofa is made of three elements that are related in terms of texture and color. Part of it is actually made of woven plastic and the other part has a light beige textile that will match with the furniture you already have. This amazing sofa has a wonderful design thanks to his light look. We all benefit from a strong and sure-user item that can support our condition of having only the things in the place. The sofa has deep cushions and armrests and we could hardly imagine it otherwise.

Dark Green Sofa Living Room Design Photo 4