Every once in a while we feel the need for a change in color. It’s a way of letting some of us feel detached and conditioned while another one doesn’t realize that color is, in fact, a very powerful color and it can really transform what felt like a dull and cold space into an inviting and comfortable one. This time we’re only focusing on the living room, more exactly on a dark green color.

There’s nothing like a dark living room. The colors that can be combined such as red, yellow, green or brown should work nice there. The floor should be lightened as well. You should try not to mix bright colors but only to balance them. That you should try to avoid too many colors. After all, we all know that a neutral floor is a recipe for success.

The living room is not complete until you also add a few colorful decorations such as some plants or plants outside. Let’s take a look at this colorful painting that was made in Thailand. It was made in 2011 by Orangeroachan. It’s a very beautiful and very bright-light pink or light green. It’s made with natural silk flowers and it looks like it’s been there forever.

The combination of colors used is very strong. The flowers are very strong and yet very delicate and elegant. I like how all the colors are toned down until the dark tones stand out. The furniture is very chic and beautiful and the overall image is very soothing and peaceful.

Dark Green Living Room Furniture Photo 5