Here’s an interesting article about dark grays. It’s true that grays have remained a strong color for some time because of all the exotic creatures that used to be among them, but it’s not true that dark grays look exactly like the actual plants that you see in those images. Something is missing with this perspective and the fact that the furniture is dark grey.

The living room is one of the first spaces you have to look for in the world and it’s not because we are bad at combining colors. It’s very easy to mix nuance with dark furniture. The grey furniture wouldn’t look bad if it was dark. It will make the atmosphere cozy and welcoming, which is important for any home. The main reason why people use brown as their color of choice when decorating it is because of the nature of the furniture. The main good example is the Kelly Green sectional that you can see in those pictures.

The Green sectional is made of high-quality polyurethane bonded to top quality fabrics. Textiles are usually part of the living room’s decor as well, especially if they are nice and cozy, as in the pictures. The Green sectional is available in two sizes: L 141sq.ft. .

In the living room or dining room, the L 140sq.ft. version is a good choice, because it can be placed wherever you need an extra seat, or even a larger table. The Green sectional is both an elegant piece of furniture to place on the chairs, as well as an elegant one. It has a classical design, so it will look well in any home.

Dark Gray Living Room Set With Modern Pieces Photo 4

Dark Gray Living Room Set With Modern Pieces Photo 6