These days we all want simplicity, elegance and comfort. For those who seek such things we need to create a pure and peaceful décor for their home. To be such an interior design you need to follow some steps. The first step is choosing a palette of colors. The colors you should opt for are based on simple tones such as grey, black, white and other neutrals. You should use small accents such as decorative pillows or vases.

A dark background for such a décor is a safe bet. Opt for sophisticated and extravagant colors if you want to create an elegant and luxurious décor. This means that you can use metallic finishes, luxurious textures and bold colors.

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The second step is choosing a theme. For a contemporary approach, go for a monochromatic theme. You can add some vibrant elements such as pink, orange, blue or purple chair covers. In order to create a spa-like look, use bright and bold colors against a neutral background. The color palette should be restraint and restraint. Avoid warm shades and limit the use of strong shades.

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For a sleek and stylish look you may choose a combination of crisp and calm shades or pastels. The colors should either be very simple as to allow the furniture to blend in and to stay nature-related. If you choose vibrant colors for the walls and for small accent details then you should use violet or yellow as main tones.

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For a classy and formal décor, go with elegant furniture. Full height low sofas, oversized upholstered sofas, wing chairs and wing chairs with metallic silver finishes and a combination of rich dark blue and gold as the accent colors.

Then there’s also a third color you can use for the walls. Touches of blue or green would be an excellent choice. There are numerous colors available, including pink, blue-grey, winered and sage. You may also choose to use grey as your accent color. The reason why this palette is so relaxing is because of the soft color shades that would be otherwise just a big brown or beige. The walls need to be contrastively decorated.

The third color you may choose is yellow. In order to create a chic and stylish décor for the living room, there should be some furniture in which the yellow accents are small and scattered throughout the room. It’s important to choose the color in such a way that the result is harmonious.

The final color chosen for the décor is clean white. Any yellow walls will make the room seem less welcoming. The choice of colors will depend on the type of atmosphere you want to create as well as the lifestyle of the inhabitants. If you prefer a social environment, then choose bold and strong colors, if you want it to be a relaxing and zen décor or if you want to concentrate your energy in the room and not use lots of colors.