The guys fromerie were kind enough to create a very nice living room set .They choose cowboys very comfortable and smart guys that usually work as passageors in cars, usually with a very distinguished look. This living room set has some accessories that make it so special. It comes with 2 cozy chairs on the sides and an 18 inch halogen lightbulb illuminate the chair. The light it gives is so soft and bright that you can even sit on it. The chairs are especially designed for this living room. The set consists of a day bed and a 2-tiered sofa, fitted with the essentials. There’s also space for a 6-foot wall lamp, black cord and elbows for attaching the a TV support. The whole set costs $ 9,500.

The furniture pieces , that usually are not included in the price, are rather unusual too. This one features a beautiful mid century modern design and some beautiful silver details that really make it special. This is a very versatile set that can make a nice addition to a modern or even traditional living room. It has a certain traditional look but it’s very modern and it goes great with the beautiful colors of the walls and the amazing collection of a fireplace built into the living room is one of the most important pieces.available for $1,699.

Dallas Cowboys Living Room Set Photo 3

Dallas Cowboys Living Room Set Photo 4