The comfort and warmth that a home can offer us at that particular moment of our life is very important, all the time. It’s why we have to deal with things that are difficult to access and that we find difficult to establish as much as possible from our storage space. These are items that take a lot of space and are in a way impossible to access once you decide to re-install your furniture.

Japanese furniture usually features modular units. This type of furniture is usually larger than the standard ones. However, this also includes the modular pieces that are usually made of more different materials. Terry Dwan designed a modular furniture series made of modular fibers and which can be adapted to the individual spaces that are intended to be used by the client. These pieces can be combined and adapted to form the desired combination. The units offer designer elements and styles to decorate their homes.

One of the main characteristics of modular units is the fact that they provide a lot of freedom. The units can be designed in a lot of different ways and they can even be combined. That’s what Terry Dwan did when designing the Bamboo Collection. The collection includes a series of pieces that were designed as part of the classic “Hardie” collection. These are made from bamboo pulp and come in a variety of colors. The most impressive and wonderful part is the fact that these furniture pieces are completely customizable and modular.

The pieces can be adapted to the space you have available and they can be combined to form original shapes for example. They can form simple chair or low stools or they can be considered functional furniture pieces. All these options are wonderful options for those who want to furnish a small and simple room. The possibilities are endless and they don’t even get boring.

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