Nowadays, more and more people prefer the use of windows as external décor. This is mostly because of the view and the connection with the exterior, not only because of the noise and agitation of movement in the indoors, but also the fact that is an extension of the internal areas. That is why the curtain is always an open space, a combination of the internal and external areas, and is an effective way of getting a view into the exterior of the dwelling which is in no way related to the exterior.

Curtain should create a space where you can enjoy all your activities, from reading, watching television, having fun, working, using the platforms in the public areas or relaxing.

To better understand what is meant by the term Curtain, it is said that curtains do not only bring filtered light into the whole space, but also create the illusion of a larger space by drawing attention to particular sections of the ceiling. Curtain is also a term which suggests another possibilities: a horizontal curtain which hangs from the ceiling, a vertical curtain or a curtain which cool off, but also variation of the three existing colors in the room.

Those are all possibilities which we may take as belonging to the contemporary style and attractive and modern yet distinct form. To each their own, curtain and shutters are the perfect combination, balancing each other.