Thecritter ware living room series was created by Paris-based Patrick Nadeau. The project was called Critter collection – a collection of sofas, armchairs, and tables designed to represent a client’s taste, all in black. according to the architect, “the sofas resemble a box of frosted glass on the back side, only about half so large. The sofas are an invitation to comfort…and reflection.” This is a perfect concept to fill a dull double-storey living room with. not only the sofas are very large, the furniture even has a very simple shape. Furthermore, all the furniture is very tight, creating the feeling of being enveloped, even though this compact space offers a very little touch of the reclined in the bookshelves. You can find this concept both in the International style or in neutral black with a very light color palette. The sofas, chairs, tables, spiral tables made of wood and marble, are the perfect shape to create a very cozy and comfortable space for you.