Living room furniture is not always the furniture you want at one of the trends. However, I have to admit nowadays it is more comfortable and works great. I have my favorites collection of living room furniture and I think it is the designers. Every person has their own style and taste, their preferences change as well as their reactions on each decor that they get in their homes. I prefer simple and classic furniture because I like the room to look clean and cozy. Here is a selection of simple and modern furniture designs and sets.

The living room is the most important room of the house because this place is usually perceived as being the most crowded. However, looking at these furniture sets designed by Perk we can easily see that this is not an exception. I really like this one the best. The set is made of plastic and you can use it closed or as a divider that offers your interior space to some invisible but obvious support. The chairs are very comfortable and you can easily shift them when you are not using them. They are stackable and can be easily stored away when you don’t need them.

The sunburst patterns in these furniture sets are real eye-catchers. I like how simple the colors of the furniture are and the great care you can take away when you’re cleaning a room will be. The set sells for $400 here from Pottery Barn.

Cream Living Room Furniture Sets By Perk Photo 3

Cream Living Room Furniture Sets By Perk Photo 4