Living room is considered as a unique area of the house. Whether living in a traditional room or in an inviting modern house, the living room furniture is always the same. The furniture is always the one keeping the place clean and clear. Today we’re going to present you a selection of modern and eclectic living room furniture that would look amazing in almost any kind of home.

The living room all the furniture was designed by Karim Rashid for Saba Italia. Furthermore the company also came up with a very interesting design for a bookcase. The bookcase features a combination of open shelves and closed compartments. The shelves are a little different than you would expect to see in such a room, featuring an open back that goes all the way to the ceiling and yet to be closed.

Cream Leather Living Room Furniture Photo 5

A combination of closed and open shelves has the perfect look to make the living room appear less boring and minimalistic. The bookcase also features integrated lighting, a very clever idea that works very well in this case. This open and simplistic design has far from unpleasant surprises. The light emanates from the shelves, creating a very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. This innovative piece is part of the Saba Italia line that also includes a series of glass coffee tables and side tables, the only pieces in the collection that have more than one glass leaf.