Living room are usually not the most important rooms of the house, but it’s a social area. It’s a place for spending time with friends and family, where guests are welcomed and where the atmosphere is kept very pleasant. This is why the living room is probably the area that the most and the most important people think of when renovating their living rooms.

So, when possible, the designers should find a way to balance out the décor in the living room. For example, in an open airy living room, the living room would actually be better if it had large windows or not. However, whether you have big windows in the living room or not, it’s still an important décor element because it makes the atmosphere bright and airy.

The Oak Residence designed by Yasunori Fujimori Architects inimbues for a small traditional home in particular, where there is basically just a sitting area. The design of the living room then involves multiple situations. Here, there’s usually a big open space where people can sit and enjoy the beautiful views or take a seat on a bench that, in the same time, offers intimacy and comfort.

Cream And Brown Living Room Design By Atelier Oslo Photo 3

Situated in the center of the town of Shiga in eastern Japan, the residence designed by Isay Weinfeld offers a variety of beautiful views for its inhabitants. The design is simple and fluid, becoming a very well-balanced structure. The color palette used for the interior includes mostly neutral shades. The residence was built for a young couple and their future daughter is just 18 months old. It features bright colors mostly used in the past but this doesn’t interfere with its beauty as it can still make a great addition to the house.

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