This cozy live-work space was designed by Perianthi architects for two international clients. It’s located in Sofia, Bulgaria and has an open design that combines several separate spaces into a cohesive system. The divider is made of large wood grains and serves as the main activity area.

The living room is divided into three zones. One is the day zone. It has a sofa and armchairs and there’s also a dining area. The wooden floor is visually separated into two zones with separate TVs, computers desks and office chairs. The ground floor houses the dining room and the kitchen. The first floor is the private area. There’s also a first floor that includes the bedrooms and a second floor thatched roof. The rest is independent and dedicated to friendly events.

The property also has a beautiful yard with a wonderful architectural design. The yard also includes sport courts, a hot cheese bowl and a pool side and outdoor heated pool. Overall, this is a beautiful family home, cozy and inviting and perfect for family get-togethers.