A living room is usually the central point of an open floor plan. It’s where the TV, phone or computer, where where where the guests are being entertained and where the users feel comfortable and relaxed, where all the spaces are located. It’s also where the furniture is. Chairs are the most commonly used piece of furniture in such a room.

But rustic chairs are especially beautiful. They have a very beautiful look that gives that cozy and rustic feel. They usually have tufts and rows of little squares. The effect is very casual. Here are a few examples of contemporary furniture chairs that would look good anywhere. The chair has light colors and it usually has a simple and modern design. But it can also have a vintage touch since it has a chic midcentury kind design.

In the basement or game room or basically anywhere else you can use these chairs. They are made of wood and have a warm and sleek look. Their base has handles for easy access. You can personalize these chairs and change the design and feel of their living room, bedroom, even game room, using a mirror or a simple magazine, for a more dramatic effect.

Country Style Living Room Chairs Photo 3

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