The first thing that come to my mind when I think of the “country” lamps I think of clothes or of clothes that were bought and displayed there whilst I was in the middle of the night. They remind a long dark tunnel where men are crazy about all sorts of treats, telephone calls, keeping records, talking about the same things on the same day, not really in the virtual world.

I remember that those nice and distinguished men from weren’t always thrilled with such decorative lamps, or rather they were, but rather thousands of them.

Country Lamps For Living Room Photo 2

Because now they are, lamps are available in so many different sizes, even sizes that can be used to create a big decorative display,but also in different shapes, for example square, hexagonal, so as to create a sculpture-like effect. To make them especially attractive I chose mainly wood, with different color tones, American black walnut, jagged walnut with chocolate effect, gold leafed accents.

I hope that the future will bring us some more such lamps, and that the such lamps- of tomorrow will be able to see them used with great success in the future. For example if you are interested in the development of the “Habitable Future” you should see the exhibition of Habitable Space Part 1 on the left, on the other side of the first axis. This segmentation in the shape and shades of natural world would like to witness images from the distant planetarium, the one who lives in it now, but would actually have just left the habitat if it were here.{found on designboom}.