We’ve seen many small apartments with no visible windows at all and now we have the opportunity to actually enjoy the beautiful views of the city from the living room. This is the living room that Genborn Studio chose when designing this space. The studio is located in Sydney, in Australia and was very careful to make the most of the site, the vast views. They came up with this simple and clean design for the living room.

The most imposing building in the area is the Expositionstr Group booth from the 11th Paris. It’s located in the Art Basel showroom and was presented by Studio Gang in Berlin. The gallery has a very aristocratic design that combined industrial and rustic elements. The booth’s glamorous interior was only completed in 2008, a long project meant to transit the Paris region.

One of the most amazing design ideas was the use of flat surfaces. There are lots of marvelous ideas that one can adapt to the location. In the case of this 860 square foot space, the ingenious owners of the ground floor living room and their partner built a series of concrete blocks out of plywood. They then added the pergola and the sideboard onto the existing open floor plan.

Cottage Living Room With Fireplace And A Wall Mounted TV Just Above It Photo 3

This is a place where you can relax and rejuvenate your mind. It’s a seaside guesthouse and it’s indeed a remarkable and unique space that offers everything one could need. The interior design was created by Brian Paquette Architects. Nothing was ever told in advance. The waste wall in the laundry room and the kitchen were cleverly hidden by these designers. A concrete block is a highly unusual material for such a project but it manages to turn heads in a very unique way.

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The main living area is situated on the first floor. It’s composed of a living and dining room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a media room and a master suite. Three en-suite bathrooms and two separate dressing rooms complete the list. The four bedrooms are very inviting. They have concrete floors with concrete walls and ceilings, gray walls and wooden ceilings. There’s also an office, a wine room, a utility room and a spacious master suite, both with views of the city. The house was built in the center of Sydney.

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