The Capri project by Esse – open concept living room is located in one part of Comporta, Portugal.

The project by esse – open entertainment room takes a highly modern approach to interior decoration.

Capri Apartment by Esse – open concept living room:

“The idea of interior layout was developed from the specific commission for a young couple. The living room, which is not so modular as its accommodation often demands, was created in a way to allow friends and families the possibility to move from one side to the other equally whenever they want to. This functional coexistence serves both now as the opened space to enjoy the qualities of a contemporary domestic environment now.

The idea for the living room was developed from the clear volumetric vision of the client, with larger areas for technical areas and partitioned in a functional manner according to functional needs.

The entrance of the apartment, through the kitchen and living room of the residents, offers the easy access to all areas of the house: entrance, living room, dining room, and corridor.oyer, a guest room, bathroom, laundry room, bedroom and storage closet.

Theoyer provides the opportunity to transform it into a guest bath in the morning and a storage closet at the end when the house is full of guests. The social areas of the house can be isolated so that the living room would be more accessible for all. The corridor at the end of the living room, separating the social areas from the private canister, acts as a division between the two, with its large window that provides the most light in the house, and closure of the vegetal front with vertical rods to act like a frame to hold the social area of the house and to create a sculpture in the open space.

The kitchen is integrated with the social areas of the apartment by its beautiful tempered glass splash wall. The wall is covered with black glass tile plaques in different geometric patterns, updating the “spherical space” of the apartment.”

Photos by: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG