Costco leather living room furniture suite is a must have for those who are serious about creating a comfortable living space that still enjoy comfort. The set includes a sofa, twolama sideboard with cabinets and a low lying chair. The price it’s available on request.

The costco leather living room furniture set was created by SantaComo. They designed this piece only during the spare times. The price it’s available on request.

The Venice leather furniture set is just one of their creations. They are also able to help you improve the look of your home by including modern pieces and keeping the original design of the furniture with it. The set comprises a sofa, two chairs and a sideboard. The pieces are made in Italy. The costco is approximately CAD 125 per piece or $350.

The Venice set is available in two versions. The main version is a grade II, consisting of four separate sofa configurations while the other two offer more complex options. The company specializes in high-end furniture of all kinds. The prices in this case are 550 KRF. The seats are comfortable and the backrests have soft edges with rounded corners. The set is available in multiple color combinations and several textures.