When the owners of a house decide to invest in a studio apartment, there is not a lot of room left for improvisation and creativity. As a result, they begin to declutter the furniture and to put everything in an individual place. The result is a combination of functions that is usually either too strictly incorporated or too complex to handle too many surfaces. In a modern environment, the solution to this problem is adaptable to any style, whether it’s vintage or something as simple as a 3D design.Let’s see what’s inside this crate.

The living room is a common space for visitors. It’s important to have a pleasant atmosphere there. However, the living room needs to be bright. So the first step is to choose colors. Your possibilities are endless. Choose a color palette. Different colors can be combined and they can create a playful look or a simple décor with a minimalist touch. Everyone can agree that the key to creating a bright and airy décor is moderation. The key is clever balance.

The living room needs to feel inviting. This is why if it’s decorated with soft colors, if it’s also decorated with bright colors, it will feel too much. You have to make sure that balance is maintained in your design but not too striking. Also, keep in mind that it is impossible to have a décor that is overly decorated. You have to create a harmonious environment and you don’t have to use too much color. It’s all about the textures and patterns, the materials, the colors and everything else.

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