Corner storage units are very practical. They allow you to store things in separate spaces and they can be used to organize anything. Still, there’s one unit that I want to share with you today. It’s not usually the best choice for living rooms but it’s not a very difficult piece to build.

In this case we’re only going to focus on furniture that would also be pretty easy to build. The living room that we’re going to show you is a compact space, not a lot of storage space. It’s rather difficult to found a simple system that doesn’t take more than a few minutes. The solution in this case is a ladder storage unit that was crafted out of plywood. It measures a little over 4×4 meters.

Unlike a lot of other units that might be too simple or too difficult to build, this one looks better than ever. The unit is basically a corner shelf that also serves as arms the can accessorize the rooms with. Inside it there are storage spaces for pencils, files or anything else. Notice that the shelves are adjustable. This means you can easily adjust them depending on the occasion, and you can easily rearrange them whenever you want.

The unit can be easily stacked three levels up. Then you can create vertical bookcases that can hold all sorts of things. For example, you could open them up to reveal a desk. If you prefer something that’s a bit more professional, you can use these compartments tohand books or magazines. Of course, they can get monotonous or they can be used for speakers, cables and various other things. The walls are simple and well furnished with a simple book collection.{found on popgadget}.

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