I know plenty of people who love white walls, white curtains and white furniture in their house. This enhances their house bright and warm all year round. But sometimes, with season changes and cooler weather, we can use darker shades of that color for better. Take this colorful corner hutch for living room that has a very familiar look. It is called Cornered Hensley Hensley 5 Panel Case Study.

This item is actually a set of nested squares that are being used to make smaller panels in a contrasting color. The contrast colored panels together with the podeau finish of beech wood, bronze, silver orkerette or veneer add an opulent look to your furniture for your living space. The set is manufactured by Lowland and they have some very interesting designs that you can try in your own apartment. The shelves and panels have some very nice and creative shapes and looks and the way they are used can be determined by the materials and all the combinations and materials that you can choose from for doing it.

For example the piece of furniture that has them all is the Bunker stools that can be used to mounted on the coffee table for example or on the footstand near the bed. Any way, the powder coated metal is also unique because it combines the texture of a flower, some wood, brass and veneer and the lack of any metal profiles on the panels. The stools are very comfortable and you can use them to complement a modern or a contemporary room design.