The living room is usually the central piece of the space, the space where people gather to spend the day when they are both in a pleasant environment, so the fireplace is usually welcomed warm and cozy. Although many people prefer a traditional fireplace, you still need to consider all the decorations in there, especially if the room is big enough. You might want to look for models that are round, so as to grab the best views and all the things that you want to admire while you are watching TV or playing a game, so the TV is placed in the middle of the room.

Of course, sometimes TV is off TV, so you will have to look for a more dramatic one, too. And since a fireplace is a must have in a big house, it is only appropriate to place it near the big screen. However, for this you might need to consider a special fireplace near a humidor. This is a good idea if you want to have a nice and cozy room where you can feel nice and comfortable while watching TV. For example you could have a special fireplace near a more appropriate fireplace and would make your living room cozier.

I think this picture is so beautiful and interesting and it makes me want to have it in my house. If you want to have it, it doesn’t mean that you are out of limits with how you paint your walls or how you make the furniture. You can have it and just want to express it with style. It doesn’t have to look perfect, but it doesn’t need to look like a regular one. And if you don’t necessarily like the place where you put your fireplace, there`re other ways, as long as it is functional. For example, a very nice and relaxing one is the Casa Corso by Planit.

Corner Fireplace Living Room Ideas Photo 3