The living room is usually the place where you are living during the day and where you have guests and where you spend time with family. It is the place where you receive the guests, but also have fun. But sometimes the living room seems too small or too dark, in the middle of the house where it is affected by all the nature. The guys from DE JARA have designed a sofa design that is available in two variations.You can use one for both living rooms and dining rooms, or you can choose for both leisurely and formal areas, according to your need and preferences.

The color of the sofa is also dependent on the room you are choosing for the dining room. For those who have a bedroom already built and do not want to bother nor need to pay too much for a new furniture, the color can be replaced by white. It is also the case for the couch sofas for those who read a lot about their job and need help with every aspect of a furniture design, a high color key word for your job is red. So, starting from the ground like the carpet and choosing the right colors for the furniture, the right corner and also the right door, you will get an appropriate furniture which you can use in your living room.

For the bathroom and all the rooms in general, the choice of the most appropriate wash basin will have to be in the right direction, because the customers will not be able to stand still when they use it. The material for which is hand-woven wool will be the best quality, so make sure it is pretty, and also the dimension is right.For a nice looking shower you can choose a wash basin made of soap, lukewarm water and a light blue or yellow color.For small rooms and the living room, there are different options for a combination living room or bathroom. For example, there is the combination between a green mirror and a blue bathroom, but you can also choose between white and silver and a black and orange sink or faucet. And, in the bedroom, there are the combinations between white and black, so you can have decorative light blue blinds or bed frame and lots of other combinations.

In the living room, the round shape and the very nice shape of the bathtub will make you feel comfortable and nice and will help you take a relaxing bath.For the kids room, it will be a good choice for a round bathtub because they will definitely love to have a bath and spend time in it.