When decorating the living room, the furniture pieces seem to be smaller in size but this is not always the case. To make the room feel airy and spacious you can add a few accent pieces such as a designer corner cabinet or sofas made of upholstery or with a unique modern look.

The color chosen for the living room is usually the same one you use in the bedroom. This way you create a nice balance for the décor. But since this is the only room where you can go to relax, you can also choose some other colors for the walls, furniture or decorations.

For example, in a modern or contemporary living room you could opt for pastels or for shades of gray or brown that are closer to the natural tones. Each color has something special to start with. If you want something that would look good in the bedroom, maybe you should try a combination of colors like brown or pink. You could also take a look at some of the other pieces of furniture that could feature different tones.

Corner Cabinet Furniture Living Room Ideas Photo 3

If you want to create a calm and simple décor for your living room you could opt for neutral shades like white or grey. To make the room seem less cold than it actually is, add a touch of color such as blue. You could also add some colorful decorations such as the pillows, the wall art or artwork. Also, to cheer up the atmosphere you can use tones of grey and purple. Choose the pictures for your living room.