The living room is the place where people usually gather to spend time together, whether it’s with friends, well connected or alone. The living room is a very important place in the house, especially during summer. It’s where you receive your guests and where you spend time with family and friends. During the winter holidays, the living room must be somewhere cozy, just where husband, wife orlee and a friendly friend can stay for a while. And just like in the morning the circulation of the air in the room is also very important.

We’ve selected two corner cabinet designs for a more cohesive living room. The designs are very modern and they could serve as a chic focal point for the living room. Notice the minimalist range of colors from dark grey to burgundy and more refined touches like the two stylish light fixtures from the first picture. These three cabinets are not actually identical. They both feature subtle hand-crafted handles and together they form a beautiful vintage range of colors that complement each other perfectly.

Corner Cabinet For Living Room Photo 2

The only thing that you can find not only in these cabinets but also in all the other living rooms, is a steel sculpture that ropes light from the corner of the room and allows the space to look extraordinary. It would make a great focal for the living room, without having to change too much about the design.