The basic principles of decorating a house for the specific functional requirement are, in general, to be practical and to confer a specific aesthetic appearance to the interior, just as they were before they were designed. However, the houses are not only functional, but also distinctly beautiful. They are, in fact, very common. Another point is the fact that they are usually multiples, which is quite astonishing, given the fact that in this rustic European country, near Linném, in the Czech Republic, there are old aqua remnants of beautiful and vintage furniture. Thus, in this case the designers tried to make the living room look like a coral from many different directions. One aspect that might be interesting in this case is the fact that the living room has an open staircase that leads to the second floor, therefore providing more space in the main living room for the family members, thus giving the area more dynamism.

The walls have been so redorrant that they became white, plus the vintage items that go with the walls and many more which are just a little color contrast left. The round bed is really the most defining feature for the whole apartment, not only for the whole bedroom, but also for the dining room table. The architectural solutions are trying to make the spaces into open areas covered with vintage furniture, most of them in the second category. The colorful decorative items are adding a bit more color and pattern, but still keeping the original element.

The unusual shape of the night lamp in the corner, the geometric patterns on the wooden table that continues the line of the furniture, the geometric rug in the middle of the room, and all these are defining features for the night area.

Coral And Navy Living Room Photo 3