Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to interior designs. People often know what they want but they are having trouble finding it. It is a real challenge to find the right style for a house, even for an apartment, but the final results do not always compare with what you have imagined. Thus here is a beautiful and remarkable Coral and aqua living room design, inspired by the images of the seaside. It seems the inspiration was given by nature, more exactly by the coral reefs which can be seen in the sea.

The living room is actually a smaller version of a coral courtyard. Taking advantage of the shape of the living room the designer attached a series of shelves to the wall and suspended a series of lamps from a raised shelf. The area then features a sofa and an end table. The furniture is made of plywood covered with blue glass. The mosaic wall of green and blue shades is an excellent example of the artistic design of the designer.

Coral And Aqua Living Room Design Ideas Photo 3

The sofa is used as a bookcase and a desk. The color combination is nice and happy and it creates a relaxing, peaceful ambiance. The TV is mounted on the wall above the sofa while the sink and storage are integrated in the side wall.

The living room is a multi-purpose room that does not have many walls. Here you can see spacefolds that are handy and divided in half-levels so that you can write or draw with ease. In some of the rooms like the bedroom or the bathroom, you can see the same kind of design with a round wall as in the living room. The white walls create a bright, airy, and more artistic design.

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