There are some ideas that you don’t mind on literally every couch or armoire, but for whatever reason that presents you to your guests, particularly if you are the one that receive the magazine. And there are some tricks for you to turn it into art. For example, if you have simple signs with black and white written in yellow or red, you might consider displaying it as artwork. Though technically “artwork” is art, some people consider it a more productive function.

That happens because most if what they do is put these objects on the coffee table they will not really get to enjoy themselves and those objects themselves. To understand better what I am talking about I have to say that sometimes it is best if you can identify the exact item that you are supposed to “listen” for everybody else by its name. In this case you will have twenty objects that belong to the same category. Some of them may be singular and beautiful, some may be eye catching and most of them are situated in book shops, museums etc. In these cases the object is more than a decoration, it is part of a whole organism.

If you want to create a particular and specific interior décor for your living room, you just have to think of simple and sophisticate pieces of furniture that fit the overall style. This collection of objects is perfect for the living room and it could be used very well, if you have one that is simple but striking.

As the name indicates, each of these 20 posters are just as gorgeous as the pictures in the picture. They can be used as an arrangement in your living room, or just like a simple design in your bedroom, or just like any other room for that matter. Either way, the high price of these objects is $180,00.