When you’re living in a small place, the difficult part will be giving up the use of large windows. However, there’s one aspect you need to work with and that’s turning the tiny house into a lovely home. It’s not the large rooms that are the most great but you might have to consider the small ones as well. We have the perfect example.

This is a reverse layout house and the rooms are the same but the use of a contrasting color is contrasting. The flooring is the same and the walls have the same finish but the furniture and the decorations are very bold and vibrant. The kitchen and the dining room form a separate volume. The living room is located in the corner and it’s quiet and relaxing but the bedroom is bright and inviting.

The whole house can be described as a simple, minimalist vacation home. The colors and the minimalism that defines the interior also characterize everything around them. It’s like a retreat. In a small house it’s a perfect blend between cozy and modern. And when you think about it, somewhere in a quiet and tranquil area, the users would want only the basics. They would also want the house to be airy and light but not too cold. It’s a very successful two-bedroom loft with a modern interior and available Multipurpose Fabric Curtains. You can see them here for $720.00.

Converting Tack Room To Living Quarters Photo 3

Converting Tack Room To Living Quarters Photo 4