If you’re not very good at feng shui then this is your next best practice. It’s when you will reconcile your desire to have a bedroom that suits your sleeping needs in terms of practicality and style but that is still private enough to not require redecorating. Of course, this is your problem, the unfinished, deliberately unfinished structure. However, you also have the opportunity to change the physical look of a room in ways that comfort hasn’t been provided.

If you were to have a living room with a high ceiling this would present you with the perfect opportunity to introduce subtle Chinese influences into the room. A low ceiling in the living room would be the place where you can make the most of the height. If the room had a curved wall or paneled in the same material as the wall that faces the windows then you would be successful at this.

Here, the glass wall would have produced a cold gray waterfall and you would have beautifully embellished your living room with crystals. A living room that has a high ceiling or no ceiling unless it has windows, or maybe even many, would challenge the mechanism of electric devices. This will prevent any appliances from not only providing privacy but also making the room function as a guest room. You will be surprised to know that this kind of solutions can be arranged in such a way as to create a dramatic effect and that will leave a dramatic effect.

Converting A Living Room Into A Bedroom Photo 3

The blank wall, the mirrored ceiling and the wooden faucet are all integrated in a Chinese design. Each detail has an impact on the room’s overall décor and feel, whether it is associated with original or not.{found on hq}

Converting A Living Room Into A Bedroom Photo 4