Living room is an important part of any house. Whether it’s because you’ve dreamed of a huge family for years and have finally come to finally share the floor space with you or simply because you feel like you have enough space and that you can’t live without another couch, you might as well decorate this corner without breaking the bank. For example, how about turning the wall or cabinet into a statement piece?

A bank of shelves will mainly help you to organize your space and create a harmonious atmosphere. The living room, in particular, is a social area and it’s perfect for that purpose. This way, whenever you need your books for you to be displayed in a particular way, you can find them somewhere where they can be easily seen.

This alternative solution leaves a great amount of free space for storage. Since the books are compact and don’t occupy much space, this method leaves you the challenge of finding a way to create a media center where you can display other items like books, pictures and tiny toys. It’s a great way to be creative and create something functional and practical. The key is in the materials you decide to use, the finishes, colors and the illusion of space.

Convert Living Room To Master Bedroom Photo 4

This traditional living room has an interior that at first seems drastically empty. The living room’s interior décor is actually very traditional. The furniture was simple, with traditional elements. But then you also see that there’s also a very fresh décor. The fireplace and all the colorful decorations wake up this old space. The wall, on one side, is actually a very nice splash of color. A very cheerful atmosphere greets your guests.

In this case, it’s not the actual walls that pose the board that give this room character. The furniture was chosen to perfectly suit the interior and thus, the décor stays casual and relaxed. The yellow framed photo, the green vase and the white armchairs also work well together.

If you feel like your décor needs change a bit, then take a look at the photos below. They will definitely give you some ideas. In order to create a cohesive look throughout, different textures and patterns have been used. For example, the grey walls in the living room, the wooden floor, the leather armchairs and the colorful artwork create a bright décor.