We are living in a crazy world. We have all this nice furniture and we are in a disruptive world. Now it’s just a dream. Now we have the base for another crazy world where we can start a new day every day. However, this one is just a base. At least this is what it looks like. At night we can’t sleep. It’s all madness. It will only help us get the only thing in the world, my children. So the solution is very simple and it always gets me out of bed.

If you don’t have a bed you should never create an illusion by trying to solve the storage problem. You can create a convertible space where you can work and relax at the same time. The key is knowing how to use the things you have and how to combine them with something complex and useless.

It’s a solution for those who want to save money but also for those who are looking for a relaxing, functional and safe place where they can be alone and not harried all the time. I can only imagine how fun and beautiful it can be to be in bed and just be free for a few minutes.

Convert Living Room To Bedroom Photo 3

Convert Living Room To Bedroom Photo 4