Your living room is the space where you entertain guests and spend the afternoon downtime in your home. Yet the living room is also a social space where family members interact and spend the morning.

Having a leather sofa can help create a comfortable and soothing space to work into your home. The leather softens the division of the seats while each of the two chairs creates a division of the seating space between the sitting area and the dining area.

Sleek wood steps in the design of the wood fireplace create a sculptural and contemporary feel to the living room while glass walls and sliding doors invite the outdoors in inclementally.

Contemporary Leather Living Room Sets The Tone For The Rest Of Your Home Photo 3

The simple but minimalist kitchen with its large wood kitchen bench creates a vertical niche into the wall.

Contemporary Leather Living Room Sets The Tone For The Rest Of Your Home Photo 4

The dining area within the modern open plan is perfectly located to enjoy both open shelves and the views. The large yet comfortable chairs are all chosen in dark wood – and the large abstract painting is just one abstract detail within the dining table table’s geometry.

The kitchen is not the only social area with the dining area, however. The living room is a lower volume that holds a cozy seating area with its; black and knotty pine millwork contrasts with dark and dramatic stone slabs.

The fireplace is a linear and massive brass feature, dark and dramatic. The fireplace is not the only feature with a dramatic statement here. The architects sculpted a steel wide mantle that also holds a staggered porched trellis form, like a broken piece of organic relief.

The original part of the home, the barn got new windows, but a new minimalist porch with an enclosed concrete support was added, complete with complete bamboo closets and a technical support assembly for the steel frame. The original roof deck gives space to an outdoor dining set made of folding steel screens. A structural steel hearth repeats the outdoor aesthetic in the ceiling of the outdoor seating molded in the chairs.

Even the kitchen countertop features glass tile. The residence brings us back to the barn character we always wanted: a converted barn in beauty, country charm that always seems to come alive when you look at the home from the outside.”

Photos courtesy of The Patrick Johnson Exchange